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Principles of Measurement VTC

About this course

Many infrastructures are being developed and constructed in built and construction environment everyday, such as Mass Transit Railway, Express Rail Link, residential buildings, commercial buildings and so on. One of the key professionals is Quantity Surveyor (QS) responsible for the calculation of quantities of materials used in construction. The aims of this MOOC are to equip you with essential knowledge of QS practice in building measurement, get you familiar with the measurements in reference to the Hong Kong Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works Fourth Edition (HKSMM4), explain the importance of industry-wide used uniform and standard method for measuring the quantities of materials in building works, realize the numerous means of measuring techniques, and illustrate the working procedure.


Upon completion of this MOOC, you should able to:
a) identify the roles of consultant and contractor QS;
b) explain the basic measurement techniques with reference to the HKSMM4; and
c) carry out the measurement of a simple pad foundation.

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    Jan 17, 2019
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    May 17, 2019